Company Profile

AWAK Technologies Pte Ltd is a medical technology company dedicated in transforming the lives of patients for a better tomorrow. The company has developed a patented sorbent technology which revolutionizes dialysis by reducing the amount of dialysate needed for treatment by continuously recycling and regenerating the dialysis fluid. The technology enables the development of light weight, compact, automated, wearable and portable medical devices.

AWAK Technologies is defined by our customer – patients, physicians and business partners. We are committed to innovation, excellence and always looking into new ways of collaboration to form partnerships.

Quality Policy

AWAK Technologies is dedicated to provide safe and quality medical devices which meet our customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements in the establishment of our Quality Management System.

We are committed working within a Quality Management System coupled with an effective Risk Management Process to achieve our aim with efficiency and consistency. It is the duty of all individuals of AWAK technologies to make their contribution to quality improvement and ensure that we do our job right the first time.

AWAK Technologies was certified by SGS for ISO 13485 Quality Management System with the scope of designing and production of medical devices.