AWAK sorbent technology is a platform technology which is revolutionising both peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis. Our technology in enabling development of ultra-portable PD and HD machines.

AWAK Giving your life back!

AWAK  Giving your life back!

  • <2 kg, ultra-portable, APD on-the-go
  • Bedside | Ambulatory | Wearable
  • Only 2L PD solution required per day
  • Single 6-8 hr therapy provides 12-16 L of total dialysate flow
  • Alarms for patient safety
  • Designed for simplicity and convenience

Less than 2 kg

How the AWAK PD works?

AWAK PD is designed to provide a 6-8 hours of Tidal PD (TPD) Therapy. A single therapy in a day along with a long dwell (if prescribed by the clinician) should provide the necessary clearances of the uremic toxins. The device is ultra -portable so it can be used not only at night-time therapy but also during the day,as is convenient to the patient. We believe this is a truly revolutionary concept which enables our patients to adapt their Therapy to their lifestyle rather than the other way around.

Portable Awak HD

AWAK sorbent technology is not only leading to significant reduction in the amount of fresh dialysate required per therapy but enabling miniaturization of hemodialysis systems.

AWAK HD Sorbent will lead to significant reduction of HD dialysate needed from 120L to 4L
RO (reverse osmosis) water system will not be needed since only 4 L dialysate is needed per HD treatment
Will lead to reduction in size of the HD machines and overall infrastructure needed (like RO system)
Will enable moving HD from in-center to at home

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