What is a sorbent?

Sorbent is a material that binds another substance or compound to it by a physical and/or chemical reaction. It allows the binding of an extremely thin layer of molecules to its surface by chemical bonds, ionic bonds and complexion.

How our sorbent works?

Sorbent technology regenerates and reconstitutes used dialysis fluid into fresh fluid. This unique feature eliminates the current dependence on large volumes of dialysates and continuous water supply and costly water treatment in case of HD.

Our patented sorbent technology removes the uremic toxins from the spent dialysate and regenerates fresh dialysate in real-time.


How our technology works?

In case of PD therapy, the uremic-toxin-laden peritoneal dialysate from the patient passes through an Adsorber System and regenerated dialysate is sent back to the patient. An integrated infusion system reconstitutes the concentrations of calcium and magnesium to the desired levels and adds glucose to compensate for the dilution and absorption of glucose by the patient. The continuous recirculation of dialysate provides the patient a continuous Tidal PD treatment with up to 12-16L of fresh dialysate per treatment using only 2L dialysis fluid.

In case of HD therapy, our sorbent regenerates the spent dialysate from the HD machines. We have been successful in reducing the amount of HD solution required per session from 120L (in case of current HD systems) to only 6L. A ground-breaking feet!


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