Product Description

AWAK Technologies has created a flexible sorbent technology platform that is applicable in both kidney dialysis treatment: peritoneal dialysis (PD) and hemodialysis (HD). The company is further expanding the sorbent technology platform to include lung and liver dialysis.

Advantages of sorbent-based dialysis system:

  • High purity dialysate
  • High treatment volume
  • Portability and miniaturisation
  • Use less electricity and water
  • Aluminum Oxide free
  • No additional water piping required
  • Improve health with frequent treatment
  • Lower healthcare cost

Peritoneal Dialysis Product: AWAK PD System (Automated Wearable Artifial Kidney Peritoneal Dialysis)

  • Bloodless         – peritoneal dialysis
  • Water-less       – continuous regeneration of spent dialysate
  • Wearable         – battery operated & weigh less than 2.2 pound (1 kg)

AWAK PD Operation

1000 ml of dialysis fluid (dialysate) is infused into the peritoneal cavity, where toxins and fluid are removed from the blood into the dialysate.

250 ml of toxin laden dialysate (the tidal volume) is drained from the peritoneal
cavity and stored in the storage module. The storage module acts as the main dialysate pump and is remotely controlled by the controller.

The tidal volume is pumped through the sorbent, where uremic toxins are removed. The regenerated dialysate is sterile, filtered, degassed, and reconstituted with electrolytes and glucose as prescribed by the physician, before
returing to the patient.

The outflow and inflow cycles are repeated until the sorbent is exhausted at 7 hours. Each cycle last 7.5 minutes, i.e. there are 8 tidal exchanges per hour.

Prior to replacing the cartridge, all dialysate is drained into an ultra-filtration (UF) Bag. 1000 ml of this fluid is returned back into the peritoneal cavity, and the remaining UF volume is discarded with the cartridge.

Hemodialysis Product: Customization of HD sorbent

  • Design flexibility: form & size
  • Neutral pH
  • Neutral sodium balance
  • Aluminium oxide free
  • Ease of production
  • Lower manufacturing cost

For enquiry on sorbent customization, please email