Dr Marjorie Foo’s 10-Year Journey with AWAK!

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Dr Marjorie Foo’s 10-Year Journey with AWAK!

31 August 2018


Dr Marjorie Foo’s 10-Year Journey with AWAK!

Worldwide there are around 300,000 End-Stage renal disease (ESRD) patients on Peritoneal Dialysis (PD). PD is the fastest growing dialysis modality (>10% yoy). But with limited players in the market, there is hardly any innovation in this industry.

As a clinician researcher involved with AWAK since its inception and the Principal Investigator of the Phase 1 clinical trial of our revolutionary PD product, Dr Marjorie Foo (Head of Renal Medicine, Singapore General Hospital), presented her 10-year journey with AWAK’s wearable PD at the first IDEAS Conference organized by University of Washington Center for Dialysis Innovation. IDEAS brought together several innovators from the dialysis field along with agencies like HHS and FDA. Nephrologists and ESRD patients actively participated in the conference, shared their stories and highlighted the importance of breakthrough innovation in the dialysis field.

As the only innovation in PD from amongst over a dozen top innovations presented at IDEAS, AWAK was at the center-stage. Our preliminary results from Phase 1 clinical trial were received with great enthusiasm. AWAK is proud of being ahead of all our competitors!

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