AWAK Talent: Dr Ningaraddi Belavagi, Ph.D.!

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AWAK Talent: Dr Ningaraddi Belavagi, Ph.D.!

27 May 2021


AWAK Talent: Dr Ningaraddi Belavagi, Ph.D.!

We are pleased to introduce you to Dr Ningaraddi Belavagi, Ph.D.!

With 15+ years of experience in industrial research, Dr Ningaraddi is a seasoned research professional and brings his rich experience in the biotech space to AWAK!

His appetite for in-depth knowledge of science drives him and his passion for improving the lives of others led him to pursue a lifelong journey in healthcare.

Since his PhD Karnatak University, Dr Ningaraddi has published more than 15+ research papers in the field of synthetic organic chemistry in reputable international journals. He is the co-inventor of two patents in medicinal chemistry that resulted from his stint in the industry.

We are excited to have him in our research team and are looking forward to his contributions to the kidney dialysis space.

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