AWAK Talent: Vishal Prasad!

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AWAK Talent: Vishal Prasad!

9 June 2022


AWAK Talent: Vishal Prasad!

Meet Vishal P., AWAK’s Staff Engineer in Systems & Human Factors! 

With a passion for designing and developing products that will bring a positive change to the world, Vishal decided to pursue a Masters in Advanced Engineering Design from Brunel University London to further hone his skills in product design after graduating first class with a Mechanical Engineering degree.

Before joining the AWAK team, Vishal had accumulated over 8 years of experience in designing and developing medical devices with expertise in requirement handling, risk management, and human factors engineering. 

In his free time, you can catch Vishal looking for his next travel destination, cycling, or dancing. He has been a proud member of a professional dance team and has performed and won in several state-level competitions in India! 🕺

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